Google Analytics for SharePoint

Google Analytics for SharePoint Instructions

To help simplify Google Analytics for SharePoint pages, a sand boxed solution can be found on CodePlex. A solution can be added to the site collection that will help Google track the Site collection and its sub-sites. < download this to your PC

After signing up for a google analytics site, download the sand boxed solution to each site collection.

Open a site collection and select site settings > Select Solutions


Select the icon in the upper left corner “Upload Solution”.

upload soltuion
Browse for the sand boxed solution you downloaded to your PC from Codeplex, click OK


Once the site solution has downloaded to the site collection select the “Activate” Icon

Once uploaded and active you will see it in your list of solutions.

You can confirm that the feature has been added and is active by selecting settings > Site Collection Features


Scroll to the bottom of the page and confirm that the feature is active. If it is not active, activate it.

The solution is added to the site collection features, and the site settings page.  Open site settings > “Site Collection Administration” > “Google Analytics”
The Google Analytics solution page will open.

Open the Google Analytics site related to your site collection. Admin > Property > .js Tracking Info > Tracking Code.
GoogleTrackingCopy the tracking code.
TrackingCodePaste the code into the SharePoint solution form, remove the “<script>” tags if carried over.
Google will now start gathering site statistics, for the entire site collection.

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