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SharePoint Attachment Pop-Out (O365)

Attachment Pop-out

Attachment pop-out is a J Query script that enables a pop-out menu to display attachments without the need to open the form.


Step 1 – download the J Query script to the Site Assets Library, create a folder with the name of “Scripts”, or the destination of y0ur choice.

Downloads and Original Site Information



Step 2 – Open the page/view you wish to have the pop-up appear.If the attachment column is not added to the current view, add it.


Step 3 – Edit the page and select the views properties. Gear on the top right > “Edit Page”.


Step 4 – Select the Web Part where the pop-out is to be enabled > In the top right select the arrow, in the pop-up menu select “Edit Web Part”.


Step 5 – Select Miscellaneous from the Web Part Properties, add this JS link relative URL in the JS Link Box. Click Apply and OK then save the page. A pop-out menu will appear when selcting the paper-clip in the attachments field.

“~site/SiteAssets/Scripts/ITSP.SP.AttachmentField.js” (No Quotes)


Additional and Important Information

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SP.FieldLink object

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